User Centered Project Management


The students will be put in the position to independently carry out an e-/m-commerce or business project. The focus of the course is NOT just on technical aspects of implementing e-/m-commerce applications. The major focus is to deal with a methodological approach to end up in a “User Centred Solution”. Therefore the course will combine methodologies and tools from:

  1. Software Engineering
  2. Usability Engineering
  3. Project Management

The practical sessions and the assignments of the lecture will cover a complete project cycle and will employ the “Extreme Programming Paradigm” and thus working in short iteration cycles in very close co-operation with the customer.

Comments from students :

"In the previous years we have also been told to keep the customer and the end-user in mind, but we hadn't really learned how to do this. XP and usability engineering, and in particular the integrated method, offer us any easy but very effective way to do so. Although it seems to be more work, it is actually a better way of working, especially when dealing with larger (web) projects."

“Usability engeneering and XP need to be used toghetter. Then this thing is a very powerfull weapon for making good and in time projects. There is one really big condition before this can work and that are really good coders. Without these coders there is no possibility for sharing code and working on small parts of the whole system.
The very good thing is that you never need to be nervous anymore when you go to a costumer and need to show your work. You're both working on a good project and it's not a bunch of underpaid nerds trying to please a costumer.”

“When I work in small teams for projects, I often notice lack of efficiency and an unstructured
approach. This is often because we did not know where to start, what to ask our client or how to split
up the tasks.
With Usability Engineering and Extreme Programming I will be able to apply a more structured
approach to a project, and make the project more user-centered. Extreme Programming will take
some effort to implement, but I'm sure it will enhance both quality and output.”


Basic Literature for the Course:

Joe Aufgang et. al: Extreme Programming for Web projects, Addison-Wesley Professional, 2002

Deborah J. Mayhew : The Usability Engineering Lifecycle: A Practitioner's Handbook for
User Interface Design, Morgan Kaufmann;

Chromatic: Extreme Programming Pocket Guide, O'Reilly 2003

Further Readings :

Ian Sommerville: Software Engineering, 7th Ed., Addison Wesley, 2004

Jeff Raskin: The Human Interface, Addison Wesley, 2000

Jakob Nielsen: Usability Engineering, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 1994

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