Industrial Media Applications


The students get basic know how regarding e-/m-commerce applications and related security mechanisms. This will put the students in the position to

•  Evaluate added value and efforts to run and implement e-/m-commerce and business applications

•  Taking decisions regarding necessary security tasks for running secure and trustworthy e-/m-commerce and –business applications.

Within the practical work sessions sample projects will be performed. This could comprise e.g. the implementation of an electronic shop. The sample projects illustrate how e-/m-business applications have to be tightly integrated in business processes and company structure.


  • Professional competences
  • System's competences
  • Social competences

Description of Syllabus:

The first part of this lecture will focus how business processes could be reorganized and optimized by applying e-/m-commerce and business applications. It will be important to mention that e-/m-commerce applications have to be thoroughly integrated into already existing business processes. The students will become aware of latest technologies to run and implement e-/m-commerce and business applications. Based on this organizational and technical know-how the students will experience how to evaluate cost and added value of e-commerce applications. The examples traded in the course will comprise business-to-business, business-to-consumer, business-to-administration and administration-to-citizen relationships.

Knowing about the prospects of electronic business applications the second part of the course will focus on “IT-security”. Beside technical aspects of online security, legislative issues will be discussed in addition to the contents already transferred within the business courses.

Key Notes:

  • Electronic commerce, electronic business
  • Mobile commerce, mobile business
  • Portals, electronic marketplaces, electronic shops
  • IT security (backup, archiving, virus protection, firewall concepts, encryption, digital signature etc.)
  • Legislative aspects of online business


Ravi Kalakota, Marcia Robinson: “e-Business 2.0” , Addison-Wesley Professional

Mark Norris, Steve West : “eBusiness Essentials”, John Wiley and Sons Ltd.

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